Recool Any to HTML5 Converter 4.0 is released

Recool Any to HTML5 Converter can help you convert Flash to HTML5,   convert any Video to HTML5 fortmat. The tools support All HTML5  video and audio, just like:MP4/WebM/OGG/MP3/M4A.

While HTML5 solves the problem of cross-channel distribution, it’s heavier in K-weight and lacks some of the functionality that a seasoned Flash developer can offer. But Recool Any to HTML5 can publish html5 to webpage. After converts Flash to HTML5, convert any video to HTML5, Just a few click, you can fast publish the HTML5 to your webpage anywhere. After uploading all the created HTML5 files to your website successfully, you can enjoy HTML5 video and audio with all browsers and any devices.

SWF to HTML5 Converter provides you with many  HTML5 video players and one HTML5 audio player, so you can choose any one what you like. The HTML5 player can be set to meet your different requirements by selecting auto play, poster image.

The Recool Any to HTML5 Converter can add the advertise on your video, Please look at the picture on the following:

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