How to publish HTML5 to web page?

Recent years, HTML5 is readable by all web browsers. The new <video> element in HTML5 is perfect for basic video players, which formerly was the primary purpose of Flash. But not all platform (mobile platform or pc platform) can support HTML5 video, such like: Firefox can not support HTML5 MP4 format.  And major browser platform have different on player styles. The Recool HTML5 Player can fix the different on platform and player styles. Just like: HTMl5 MP4 can not play on Firefox, You can play it with Flash player by Recool HTML5 Player. The Recool HTML5 Player use the same style of the player,  so user can view the same HTML5 player on every platform.

Recool HTML5 Player can help you solve all these problems: remove the difference among mobile and PC platforms and make the players for same style.

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