Flash or HTML5, How to choose for website developers?

Now days, It is very difficult to choose Flash or HTML5 for website developers, iPhone does not support Flash, and Adobe has renounced Flash on the mobile platform in favor of HTML5. But is it really perfect of HTML5?There  are  a lot of problems about HTML5:

  1. HTML5 standard is still the drafting stage, All browsers are not fully comply with the HTML5 standard, especially in the HTML5 video:
    Chrome is the best one support all HTML5 Video formats, but google has announced not to support the HTML5 Mp4 format.
  2. All mobile platforms support to HTML5 MP4 Video, but there are some difference of these mobile platform.

But we should know the recent Internet statistics show that: advertising data research institutions Chitika’s latest report revealed that mobile Web traffic has jumped 35 percent since July last year, accounted for 10.55% of the entire web traffic. The data show that we are sustained and fast forward to the era of smart phones and tablet PC. But we should also see, to say the full access to the after-PC era is still too early, because the web traffic from the PC still controls 89.45 percent of the entire web traffic. If your mobile device and PC usage time contrast, we found between the two show a negative trend, at the same time also more and more popular in mobile devices, PCs increasingly become a people’s second choice or Alternate options.

As a website developers, Must support to HTML5, but these are some problems on HTML5, How can we do this?

This problem has been solutioned, use the tool SWF to HTML5 Converter, this tool is not just Convert Flash to HTML5, the biggest benefit is to help me solve the difference of the browser player and mobile phone platforms, Free to try SWF to HTML5 Converter.

I introduced this special tool for everyone:

It is looks like a Flash Player, No, It is an HTML5 player. Also, this HTML5 player suit for all platforms, like:IE9, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. Also I test the HTML5 player on iPhone, iPad and Android, it is perfect, Cool!

 You can add the Ad on the HTML5 Video, So surprise feature:

I have tested this feature on my iPad, It is OK.

With this tool, you do not worry about Flash or HTML5, It can supprt to all major broswers and variety of mobile platforms. As a web developer I really need it. Thanks for Recool SWF to HTML5 Converter give so many surprise!

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