HTML5 vs Flash: why HTML5 will overtake Flash?

Website design is becoming more and more important in the internet boom which has become a money making phenomenon. A well developed website that encourages user activity to promote products or services is what people are looking for, and what they need in order to make an informed decision. However, a custom website that requires amazing interactions and specific preferences is going to require a little more. Maybe you have a website design in mind and just need to outsource the coding. If this is the case, you more than likely have been hearing a lot about HTML 5 and Flash going head to head.

The battle between Flash and HTML 5 was virtually started by Steve Jobs. With the removal of all Flash development from Apple’s site, and the lack of Flash support on iPads, a big debate began to stir within the web design world. The debate of which is better, HTML 5 or Flash.

Flash may be outperforming HTML 5 in some areas, but HTML 5 still has some great uses. With HTML 5 you have an array of new tags that is going to simplify your web design process including video, audio, header, footer, and even a simplified process for rounding corners. Yeah, rounding corners. Remember how many different hacks that used to take, well not anymore. Another great tag, particularly for blogs and SEO is the article tag. All of these new tags will easily identify the process of Google indexing your content for what it is.

The down side to HTML 5 when using it for interactivity is the slow, unappealing look. HTML 5 really kind of looks like Flash programming from eight or nine years ago. With that being said, HTML 5 is still being developed, and surely will see improvement in many different areas.

So what should we be using? Well, both. Flash should be used for complicated interactivity on your site. HTML 5 should be used to help with SEO, and will soon be a great tool for it. You have to integrate both technologies appropriately for the best possible website.

Or why not convert Flash to HTML5, especially for Flash Ad.

The battle between HTML 5 and Flash is just heating up. Both languages have tactical advantages for web development, and for different reasons. Right now and in the foreseeable future there is no clear cut winner. For now your best bet is to incorporate both. This lets you give all users a great website experience, and lets you have all of the functionality of both languages. Of course this could be a little bit more work and could be a little more expensive, but the payoffs will definitely be great.

This article was written by Thomas Rudy. Thomas works as a freelancer not only designing websites, but also providing various White Hat SEO tactics – including link building services.

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