How to view Flash on iPhone,iPod or iPad?

Do you want to view Flash on the iPhone,iPod or iPad to the customer? Because Apple devices have became a popular trend, many people perfer to use and carry the Apple devices, but browser of the iPhone can not support Adobe Flash Payer, Is there any way to allow customers to view flash on iPhone,iPad and iPod?

The answer is YES, The is the most efficient tool to convert Flash to iPhone Video formats with no video distortion and quality loss, The output video which are perfectly suited for all mobile,such as: iPhone, iPad, iPod, Google Andriod, Sony PSP/PS3, Nokia and so on. More detail see: How to convert Flash to iPhone/iPad/iPod?

You can also upload the output video to latest Youtube website where mp4 is supported so as to share Flash to YouTube as video format.

How to put HTML5 video on you website? Free to try HTML5 Video Converter.

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