HTML5 Video Codecs/Containers/Formats

  • H.264(H.264+ACC+.MP4)
    1. One of the most popular lossy video codecs is MPEG-4 Part 10, commonly known as H.264. H.264 is a high quality, popular format that’s common on the Internet.The H.264 video codec is combined with either the AAC or MP3 audio codec in an MPEG-4 container. This combination is typically known as MP4, and files are usually given an .mp4 extension . You’ll also see files with .m4v extensions for H.264. There are many .mp4 extension with videos, but they’re maybe not play in HTML5 video elements.
    2. Support browsers: IE 9, Safari, Chrome(Chrome has dropped support for H.264 in future).
  • WebM(VP8+Vorbis+.webm)
    1. WebM is a container based on the profile for the Matroska Multimedia Container. WebM was designed from the beginning to be patent and royalty free. Google was instrumental in forming the organization behind WebM, but has given up any and all patent claims to the container. Codec support in WebM is quite simple: WebM only supports Vorbis for audio, and VP8 for video.
    2. Support browsers: Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.It is not currently supported by IE, However, people can ensure that WebM files work in their IE9 browser by installing the WebM plug-in for IE9.
  • Ogg Theora(Ogg+Vorbis+.ogg)
    1. The Ogg container was developed by the Xiph.Org foundation, which also developed an associated audio codec, called Vorbis. The Vorbis codec is a lossy compression technique that is free for everyone to use and is, according to the folks at Xiph.Org, free of patents (to the best of their determination).
    2. Support browsers: Safari, Chrome, and IE.

How to put HTML5 video on you website? Free to try HTML5 Video Converter.

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