HTML5 Video on Mobile Phone Issues,You Must Known!

iOS is Apple’s operating system that powers iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads. iOS 3.2 has a number of issues with HTML5 video.

  1. iOS will not recognize the video if you include a poster attribute. The poster attribute of the <video> element allows you to display a custom image while the video is loading, or until the user presses “play.” This bug is fixed in iOS 4.0, but it will be some time before users upgrade.
  2. If you have multiple <source> elements, iOS will not recognize anything but the first one. Since iOS devices only support H.264+AAC+MP4, this effectively means you must always list your MP4 first. This bug is also fixed in iOS 4.0.

Android is Google’s operating system that powers a number of different phones and handheld devices. Android (up to and including 2.2, the latest version at time of writing) has a number of issues with HTML5 video.

  1. The type attribute on <source> elements confuses Android greatly. The only way to get it to recognize a video source is, ironically, to omit the type attribute altogether and ensure that your H.264+AAC+MP4 video file’s name ends with an .mp4 extension. This does not appear to affect any other browser’s ability to detect support for the video; in the absence of a type attribute, other browsers appear to guess based on file extension as well. You can still include the type attribute on your other video sources, since H.264 is the only video format that Android devices support at the moment.
  2. The controls attribute is not supported. There are no ill effects to including it, but Android will not display any user interface controls for a video. You will need to provide your own user interface controls. At a minimum, you should provide a script that starts playing the video when the user clicks the video.

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